Detuned automatic capacitor bank - FT100

Detuned (anti-resonant) Automatic Harmonic Filter

The FT100 series anti-resonant harmonic filter offers a secure solution for power factor correction on networks with harmonic content. In addition to providing resonant-free power factor correction, the FT100 can absorb up to 50% of the 5th harmonic current, depending on the network’s characteristics. This results in reduced voltage distortion overall, thereby improving the network’s general condition, should the voltage and current distortion cause problems beyond damaging the power factor correction capacitors.

Technical Characteristics:


Single, double or triple doors, floor mounting


Gray ASA61


10 to 100 kVAR

Construction standards 

CSA, c CSA us


10 to 1200 kVAR 


1, 12, 3R (4X on request)


208, 240, 480, 600 volts