Fixed capacitor bank - HVCB and HVCE

Medium-Voltage Fixed Capacitors

The 3-phase medium-voltage capacitors from the HVCE, HVCB and QYLP series are composed of parts that are vacuum-packed with environmentally friendly insulating oil. Each capacitor is equipped with internal discharge resistors, which ensure a discharge time of less than 5 minutes. The QYLP version offers an equally secure configuration with internal fuses. There are internal fuses for each cell, which ensure optimal security against internal short-circuiting and distortion in the casing. External fuses are also available for the HVCE and QYLP series, depending on your requirements.

Technical Characteristics: 


Gray ASA61

Construction Standards



HVCB = 25 to 300 kVAR (single unit) (external fuses)

HVCE = 25 to 1200 kVAR (junction box)

QYLP = 50 to 400 kVAR (internal fuses)


1, 12, 3R (4X on request)


2400, 4160, 4800, 3300, 6600, and 6900 volts