UDR - Universal detection relay


Real-time protection platform and programmable automation controller that retains the expected standard functionalities of both protective relays and automation platforms but also unlocks access to customized digital signal processing. It integrates MATLAB algorithms and/or Simulink models into the powerful and rugged ALP platform.

  • Customized protection algorithm development using a sampling rate of 128 samples / cycle
  • Power system automation using complex logic, voltage, current, frequency functions, and quantities
  • Design of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
  • Monitor operational data from distributed energy resources (DER) such as phase unbalance,
    harmonics, voltage flickers and dips, feeder load reporting, and load trending
  • Complex anti-islanding protection
  • Sandbox for various R&D developments in power systems (dynamic line rating, harmonic filters bank protection, etc…)

Hardware configurations

  • ALP-4000: Combination of twenty-four (24) current and voltage inputs in a single device, sixteen (16) digital inputs, sixteen (16) relay outputs, eight (8) high-speed power outputs, up to four (4) fiber Ethernet ports

Main characteristics and advantages:

  • Transfer user-defined MATLAB and Simulink algorithms into the relay for protection, automation, and monitoring purposes
  • Create and simulate algorithms using a single application (MATLAB), reducing implementation time
  • Take control of the digital signal processing tasks
  • Create or integrate digital filters and logic
  • One of the highest sampling rate of the industry (7680Hz), enabling precise waveform reconstruction, recording, and fault analysis
  • Cyber security features enabling easier compliance with the NERC CIP requirements
  • Secure, rugged, and reliable protection relay in compliance with the latest utility standards
  • User-friendly interfaces and software for easy engineering, configuration, commissioning and operation
  • Scalable solution for the detection of non-conventional electrical phenomena
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