Fixed capacitor bank - DSHM


Indoor industrial DSHM capacitor assemblies provide power factor correction to industrial power

systems utilizing the new technology of the dry self-healing type DSHI capacitor. A wide range

of kVAR ratings is provided in single equipment for large motor and bulk system correction. The

addition of capacitors makes it possible to achieve reduced power costs, increased system

capacity and improved voltage control. With most utility rate structures, the power factor

influences the billing in some manner. Some rate structures increase the billing if the power

factor falls below a specified level. Others provide a bonus for raising the power factor to

desirable levels. Depending on the system conditions and the local utility rate practices,

capacitor costs can often pay for themselves in less than one year.

Gentec offers 480 V and 600 V fixed capacitor bank in a range from 25 to 200 kVAR. Fuses are

included as a standard, and blown fuses indicators can optionally be installed. Enclosures are

designed to be wall-mounted but can be converted to floor-mounted units when used with the

optional stand.

Input voltage

600 or 480 Vac (3 phases)


50 or 60 Hz

Reactive power (kVAR)

25 to 200 kVAR


0 % / +10 %

Thermal loss

0.5 watt/kVAR

Max. Current

1.3x In

Max. Voltage

1.1x Vn for 8 hours each 24 hours

Input terminals

Compression lugs on  inch bolt

Minimal spacing above unit

200 mm

Minimal spacing on the side of the unit

200 mm


Wall or floor mounted


TEW 90 °C

Electrical protection

Internal overpressure switch

Working temperature

–25 °C / +55 °C

Discharge resistor


*less than 50 V within 60 seconds

Enclosure type

Nema1 (other models available) ASA61 grey painted.


CSA 22.2

Dimensions (mm)

25 to 100 kVAR (610 x 762 x 200) / 125 to 200 kVAR (1200 x 762 x 200)