OND2 - 1 KVA to 15 KVA single-phase freestanding inverter (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued, please contact Gentec for more details. 

Gentec’s industrial inverter systems have been designed to provide the most reliable sinusoidal voltage to critical loads.

These single-phase inverters are of the ''online'' type. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology is used to control insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT).

The system is equipped with a very quiet inverter (DC/AC converter), a static switch, and a manual bypass switch to isolate the system during maintenance.

A microprocessor controller carries out PWM waveform generation, and voltage synchronization and regulation, even when the inverter is powering non-linear loads. In addition, it carries out inverter measurement (voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meter) and monitoring (comprehensive alarm system).

  • Ideal for utility and heavy industry substations
  • Product tried-and-tested on hundreds of installations!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Life expectancy greater than 25 years
  • Customer support from a comprehensive team of engineers and technicians.
  • Input voltage: 110, 125, 220, 230 or 250 V DC
  • Output voltage: 120, 208, 220, 240 or 277 V AC, 60 Hz, single-phase
  • Output power: 1 KVA to 15 KVA
  • Very quiet (60 dBA)
  • Very easy on-site system set-up (alarms, automatic modes, etc.) thanks to the microprocessor controller module
  • Digital meters (DC voltmeter, DC ammeter, AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, frequency meter, etc.)
  • Redundant (master-slave) inverters available; freestanding cabinets, cold laminated steel, 2.6 or 3.0 mm thick, type 1