Transfer and distribution DC panel (auxiliary DC services)

Transfer and Distribution DC Panel (DC Auxiliary Services)

Complete your installation with our DC panels (100, 200, 400 or 600-amp load rating). They are customized, depending on your specifications, to interconnect the battery chargers, stationary batteries and loads.

The inner DC panel frames and cabinets are made from regulatory-gage cold-rolled steel. All are available either built into the battery charger, or installed in a wall mounted enclosureused to be used as an external configuration to the charger.

The main busbars are made from a single piece of cold-rolled and tin-plated aluminum (tinning process in an acid bath). The main lugs, neutral sets and grounding bars are compatible with both copper and aluminum conductors, and comply with the CSA’s requirements.

The panel’s maximum breaking capacity is 65,000 A. It is approved by the CSA for 60/75°C wiring, with the following nominal values: main panel terminals: 60/75°C cu/al conductor; bypass terminals: 60/75°C cu/al conductor.

The individual circuit breakers are thermal magnetic with snap opening and closing and trip-free release; plug-in model.

Main circuit breaker panel

  • 125 @ 250 VDC, 100 to 200 A,
  • 12 to 40 circuits, 1Ø, 3 W wire
  • Main lug panel

Circuit breakers

  • 1 pole, 15 to 70 A
  • 2 poles, 15 to 200 A

* The nominal value for protection in series is indicated on all of the panels.