RS - Redundant SCR battery charger and rectifier



Gentec’s RS series industrial stationary battery chargers (or Gentec rectifiers) have been designed to provide the most reliable power source to the batteries and critical loads to which they are connected.

They can be used with any type of industrial stationary battery. Thyristor (SCR charger) technology is used, in which the conduction angle is controlled by a microprocessor. The capacity of chargers (rectifiers) varies between 10 and 600 amps and two chargers can be paralleled to adhere to the N-1 NERC reliability criteria.

  • 35 years of expertise and proven SCR charger technology!
  • More than 1200 installations
  • Ideal for 125 VDC and 130 VDC battery charger and rectifier applications (other voltages available)
  • Comprehensive list of options for hardware, software and communication
  • Customer support from a comprehensive team of engineers and technicians!

Several models are available in our RS SERIES.

  • Configuration:
        • X - External battery without breaker protection
        • BX - External battery with breaker protection
        • BI - Battery enclosed with breaker protection
        • BIP - Battery enclosed with breaker protection and DC distribution (DC UPS)
  • Metal envelope: Type 1, 2, 3R, 12 and 4
  • 125 VDC and 130 VDC output voltage (other voltages are available as an option: 24 VDC, 48 VDC, 110 VDC, 120 VDC, 220 VDC, 230 VDC or 250 VDC);
  • 10 to 600-amp load rating
  • Three-phase rectifier for 6 thyristors (SCR) in which the conduction angle is calculated by a microprocessor→ reduces the harmonics on the network
  • Regulation of the output voltage to the battery by compensating for the loss of voltage between the charger and the battery, which in turn enables optimal adjustment of the battery voltage
  • Redundant (parallel) chargers available as an option
  • Can be used with all types of industrial batteries
  • DC UPS system available (charger, battery and panelboard)
  • Graphic interface on a large LCD screen (voltmeters, ammeters, history of the last 200 alarms, menus, secure access, etc.)
  • Optimal battery recharging
  • Automatic battery testing and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring using network access (MODBUS RTU RS485 and MODBUS TCP ETHERNET, DNP3, 61850)
  • Alarm history
  • CSA C22.2 No C107.2-01 and UL 1012 certified.