Redundant DC/DC or AC/DC converters

Redundant DC/DC or AC/DC converters (125 V DC/24 V DC, 125 V DC/48 V DC, 125 V DC/125 V DC (insulated), 120 V AC/125 V DC, etc.).

The power units are composed of redundant DC/DC or AC/DC power packs mounted in standard 19-inch enclosures. Redundancy is provided by diodes at each power supply output. These diodes allow for power supply paralleling. One relay and one warning light, powered by the voltage present before each paralleling diode, act as a voltage loss detector at the output of each power supply.

Redundant DC/DC or AC/DC converters offer a combination of:

  • DC input: 24 V, 48 V, 125 V (note: the DC voltage ranges are compatible with the systems operating on the battery)
  • AC input: 120 V
  • Option of dual inputs that can receive 2 separate inputs
  • DC outputs (isolated from inputs): 24 V, 48 V, 125 V or custom
  • 150 W to 1200 W output power (depending on the configuration, number of outputs, redundancy, etc.)

*Note: 5 KW of power (or more) is possible when the converters are mounted in a free standing cabinet: contact Gentec for more details. 

  • Redundancy
  • Parallel operation