N12 and NC12 Series

Power Factor and Reactive Power Controller

Gentec N12 and NC12 series power factor regulators provide your network with efficient compensation, measurement and reactive power monitoring operations. In particular, these applications include the automatic regulation of low-voltage and medium-voltage capacitor banks (tuned, anti-resonant and standard).


  •  Type of connection: line to line or line to neutral
  •  Insensitivity to the current transformer polarity
  •  Insensitivity to the phase rotation polarity
  •  Current transformer ratio range: 25:5 A … 6000:5 A (all types)
  •  Current transformer ratio range: 25:1 A … 6000:1 A (NC-12 only)



AC output contacts (NF type “A”): 2 A/250 V, 5 A/120 V



  •  Establishing the target cos φ: 0.85 ind., 0.90 cap.
  •  Two target cos φ with external control input (NC-12)
  •  Manual and automatic adjustment of all controller parameters
  •  Relay installation programs: in chain, normal, circular, optimal
  •  Different relay combinations
  •  N-6 and N-12 reconnect time-out: 10 to 600 secs NC-12: 10 to 900 secs
  •  Relay configuration: fixed, auto, disconnected (NC-12)
  •  Application of a four-quadrant generator
  •  Relay manual switch
  •  Modbus RTU communication