About Gentec

About us

Gentec designs, manufactures long-lasting and reliable solutions and customized products in the state-of-the-art electronics, power and energy management sectors. Gentec also offers services in research and development as well as electronic manufacturing to its various customers.

Since 1959 and largely thanks to the skill of its highly-skilled employees, Gentec has maintained its position as the market leader by working closely with its customers and imparting its expertise.

Gentec History

Gentec was founded in 1959 by Théodore Wildi, a distinguished professor at Laval University. At that time, Gentec offered specialized technician services in electronics, and designed load stabilization systems for the electrical heating systems in buildings.

In 1969, the company started to develop the first laser energy measurement instruments, which it used internally at first, before marketing its first high-repetition-rate TEA CO2 lasers. Soon afterward, Gentec introduced the first pyroelectric joulemeters onto the market. Gentec then innovated by being the first company to manufacture both power detectors and thermopile and pyroelectric laser energy detectors. Strengthened by this success, Gentec Electro-Optics was founded to provide services exclusively focused on measuring power and thermal laser energy. Today Gentec Electro-Optics is recognized as a market leader and distributes its products worldwide.

During the 1970s, Jean-Luc Giroux became Gentec’s President as well as a shareholder. Under his leadership, Gentec increased its emphasis on research and development, in order to make a name for itself in the fast-paced sector of automation and industrial control. Several product ranges resulted from the expertise it developed: the data acquisition system, industrial battery chargers, inverters, and current sensors, among others. To meet the growing demand for its products, a significant investment was made to enable the expansion and modernization of its facilities at the beginning of the 1980s.

The acquisition of Micro-Contrôle in 1987 allowed Gentec to become an important player in the lighting control sector. The Kameleon product range originates from this acquisition.


From 1992, under the direction of François Giroux, Gentec continued to grow, notably by providing electronic manufacturing services throughout Quebec province. The company also continued to develop its unique expertise in the power correction and power quality sector. To support its continued growth, the company increased its production surface area by 50% in 2006.

In recent years, Gentec has continued to adapt to different technological and market evolutions, and has introduced a new range of products dedicated to protecting electrical networks. Aimed at fulfilling mission-critical work in power management, the ALP product range has made Gentec a key player in the electrical network protection sector.

As a young company, Gentec was already recognized as a pioneer. Preserving this spirit since 1959, Gentec continues to face challenges by innovating.

Our Commitments

Quality commitment

Gentec quality commitment is based on our success. We are aware of the importance of a flexible and rigorous quality system in a highly competitive global environment, which is why our approach is one of continuous improvement, aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations. Our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Sustainable development

Aware of the challenges posed by reducing environmental impacts, the company encourages the integration of environmental and social dimensions in its business practices.

Gentec policy on Conflict Minerals

Social commitment

Gentec agrees to act as a responsible corporate citizen and opposes the abuse of human rights, in line with the Global Compact initiative set out by the United Nations. As part of this commitment, Gentec favors a component supply chain from companies that share its values on human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility.