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Protection and control platform (By relay application)

Capacitor Bank Protection

The ALP relay enhances the protection coverage of your capacitor banks with the help of an Impedance-Based element (21C). This element has a better sensivity to detect faults and provides valuable information to better target the maintenance of capacitor banks.

  • Applicable to fuseless, fused, grounded and ungrounded systems
  • Better localization of the shorted section, reducing maintenance time
  • Better availability of the bank because the protection discriminates between capacitor failures in one string versus capacitor failures spread through the bank
  • Protection not affected by bus voltage variations
  • Immune to temperature variations and to temperature gradients in the bank due to an advanced temperature compensation algorithm (patent-pending)

Hardware configurations

  • ALP-2000: Combination of twelve (12) current and voltage inputs, six (6) digital inputs, four (4) relay outputs, two (2) high-speed power outputs, up to four (4) fiber Ethernet ports


  • ALP-4000: Combination of twenty-four (24) current and voltage inputs in a single device, sixteen (16) digital inputs, sixteen (16) relay outputs, eight (8) high-speed power outputs, up to four (4) fiber Ethernet ports

Main characteristics and advantages:

  • Includes ANSI functions 21C, 24, 27, 50, 50N, 51, 51N, 59, 67, 81, 81R, 87T and LOV
  • Allows protection of up to 18 capacitor bank strings
  • Platform built with the most cutting-edge technologies, resulting in very high processing and storage capacities
  • Better precision of analog readings
  • One of the highest sampling rate in the industry, enabling precise recording and analysis of faults
  • Secure, rugged and reliable protection relay, in compliance with the latest utility standards
  • Protection, automation, metering and monitoring functions built into a single product
  • User-friendly interfaces and software for easy engineering, configuration, commissioning and operation
  • Flexible solution for the detection and processing of non-conventional electrical phenomena
  • Secured WEB server for easy and safe access to the relay settings, real-time measurements and oscillography recordings
  • DNP3 Communications over Fiber Ethernet
  • Optional support for IEC 61850 (MMS and GOOSE)
  • Optional support for an IEC 61131-3 programmable logic controller (PLC)