Gentec announces the launch of a new Blog and LinkedIn Group for Power System Engineers

October 8th 2020

Gentec is proud to announce the launch of its new Gentec Blog and CBP (Capacitor Bank Protection) LinkedIn Group. Both initiatives are intended for power system engineers in charge of protecting substation capacitor banks against faults and to monitor their aging drift. Gentec created these resources because timely and quality information about this somewhat niche topic is scarce. To solve this problem, both the Gentec Blog and CBP LinkedIn Group invite all to share knowledge, experiences, solutions and best practices about capacitor banks protection and their condition-based monitoring.


A first blog post in which readers can discover the surprising link between voltage differential (87V) and impedance-base protection elements (21C) is available at :


Future expansions to cover Gentec’s other specific fields of expertise, including electronics assembly best practices, power factor correction and industrial battery chargers, are already under way.


Gentec received the ”Mention 2019” at ”Prix Performance Québec”, the equivalent of the Baldridge in the USA

November 22nd 2019

Gentec received the ”Mention 2019” at ”Prix Performance Québec”! What a display of teamwork! The ”PPQ” are the equivalent of the Deming in Japan, the Baldridge in the USA or the European Quality Awards (EQA). The “PPQ” are the highest distinctions awarded annually by the Quebec Government to private companies and public organizations that stand out of the crowd for the quality of their management and their overall performance.


Gentec sells its Kameleon line of products

June 20th 2019

Gentec recently sold to Cristal Controls its lighting control line of products known as Kameleon. Therefore Cristal Control will now be responsible for selling, distributing and supporting the complete line of Kameleon products. Gentec on its side will still be providing electronic assembly service for the Kameleon line of controllers but also for new products that were until now manufactured by Cristal Controls.


New SMT line of production for Gentec

May 23rd 2019

On May 21st, 2019 Gentec inaugurated a new SMT line of production in the presence of Mr Joel Lightbound, MP for Louis-Hebert and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance.


This investment of 1 300 000 $ wil be used to support Gentec’s clients’ growth and enhance even more its highly qualified manpower productivity.


Gentec at Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference

April 26th 2019

If you plan to attend Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference 2019, do not miss Gentec’s Event in Conference Room E. Food and refreshments will be served while we will be unveiling our new Impedance-Based Capacitor Bank Protection! We will be on site from Tuesday April 30 to Thursday May 2, 5 to 9PM.

For more information, please visite the conference web site.


Gentec kicks off its 60th birthday by giving

January 16th 2019

Starting the 60th year of the company management and employees united to collect more than $20 000 for the United Way. Mrs Caroline Gendron from United Way qualified Gentec as a « Grand Partner » for the Quebec city region.


Gentec is part of PAC World Americas 2018.

August 1st 2018

The PAC World Americas conference will be held from August 20 to 23 in Raleigh, NC, bringing together professional and academic members from the fields of Protection, Automation and Control of power systems.

Gentec is proud to share its experience with all participants. Eric Thibodeau will present a paper entitled "Challenges in the Upgrade of Custom-Built Protection, Automation and Control Systems". Come and Meet us!


Gentec obtains a 75M$ historical contract with Hydro-Quebec.

April 23rd 2018

Gentec obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification

December 19th 2017

GENTEC Inc. has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its design and manufacturing of electronic and electrical equipment.

Obtaining this certification confirms the commitment made by Gentec since 1995 towards a registered quality management system.

This certification has required the effort of several people to review all of Gentec's processes, to establish the risks present, to review the performance indicators and to consider the new requirements of the standard (i.e. internal and external issues, definition of interested parties, etc.).

By choosing to comply with this new revision of the ISO 9001 standard, Gentec hopes to develop the ability to anticipate the needs and expectations of interested parties by encouraging a better assessment of risks and opportunities, to coordinate the quality approach with management practices, to better serve the company's strategy and finally, to analyze the changes in its environment in order to evaluate their impact on the QMS (Quality Management System) and on the quality of the products.

For more information on the content of this press release, please contact François Denis, Quality Manager, at (418) 651-8000 x252.


Gentec is proud to support the sustainable growth of Western Canada!

May 17th 2017

The benefits of a water-treatment plant on the environment and on the economy are undeniable and increasingly noticeable. Furthermore, they engage in the perspective of bringing cities to a higher level of intelligence and efficiency. 

Gentec is proud to support the expansion of a major water-treatment plant in Western Canada by furnishing the ideal equipment for the plant's mission-critical situations and therefore, to ensure the highest availability of power supply. For instance, Gentec will provide battery chargers from the RS Series endowed with the IEC 61850 communication network system as well as all the industrial batteries. 

Gentec really sees this new contract as a win-win situation. Indeed, the water-treatment plant will benefit from our know-how and our excellent customer service and we, as a conscious and responsible company, are proud to be part of a project that will have positive outcomes on both the social and economic system of the area. 


Gentec lands an important lighting assembly contract

May 12th 2017

Gentec is proud to announce that it has been awarded an important lighting assembly contract, totaling 25,000 units. This contract will also create 8 full time quality jobs, in a dynamic company with sustained growth. 

Constantly striving to drive the level of efficiency further, combined with know-how, expertise and an outstanding customer service quality, Gentec is prominent in an industry where the reshoring trend is increasing. 


Gentec markets a new range of three-phase inverters

December 22nd 2016

Gentec is proud to announce the availability of the new OND4 three-phase inverters series. These on-line inverters are specially designed for large consumers’ power substations and electrical power grid. Moreover, you’ll benefit from the unwavering and recognized support of our engineering team.

By combining an OND4 Series UPS, a RS Series battery charger and a battery bank with the technology and battery life you want, you'll get the best performing UPS (UPS) on the market. Also note that for customers with demanding requirements for redundant systems, it is possible to use 2 complete and identical systems in parallel. In short, at Gentec, we have the UPS for you!

Get more details about the OND4 Series.


Gentec launches a new produc tat EVS-29

June 20th 2016

Come see us at EVS-29 in Montreal from June 19 to 22, 2016 at the Centre des Congrès.

During this trade show Gentec will launch a new product for the electric mobility.

Article by CNW Telbec:

Québec, June 21, 2016 – Québec-based company Gentec is introducing its very first lithium battery and charger cabinet, which can replace diesel generators and is designed primarily for the transport and heavy equipment industries. RS-Lithium can also be used as a mobile charging station for stranded electric cars and buses. This innovative product can be seen at the Quebec booth at the World Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-29), currently under way in Montréal.

Over a year, using RS-Lithium instead of a diesel generator working at full capacity could save 9,000 litres of diesel fuel and reduce GHG emissions by 26 tonnes. “RS-Lithium is a clean and quiet product. It’s also a cost-effective option, since electric power is 10 times cheaper than diesel. The return-on-investment period is less than three years,” explained Gentec President François Giroux.

RS-Lithium’s capacity ranges from 28 to 110 kWh, and the product has multiple uses. It can power various components usually driven by diesel engines in the mining, rail transport, marine transport and trucking industries. For example, the battery and charger cabinet can power a concrete mixer drum or a crane wagon and supply electricity to a ship, thereby reducing GHG emissions. What’s more, RS-Lithium is so sturdy that it can be used in Quebec’s far north and other harsh environments.

A custom-made solution
“Our cabinet can be fully tailored to customers’ needs in terms of charging time or capacity—it could even exceed 110 kWh. We are the first company to deliver that kind of product as a turkey solution, which saves our customers a lot of research and development money,” added Mr. Giroux.

Electric vehicle servicing
RS-Lithium can also be mounted on mobile servicing units to recharge stranded electric vehicles right where they are, without towing them. The charger works on both cars and buses.

About Gentec
Since 1959, Québec-based company Gentec has designed and manufactured rugged and reliable custom-made products and solutions in the fields of high-tech electronics, power electronics, and power management electronics. Gentec also provides its various customers with research and development and electronic manufacturing services.


First Delivery of Gentec Units to a Major Manufacturer in Electrical Transportation Sector

June 7th 2016

Gentec has delivered in the last week of May the first units of HDB and HJB products that are to be integrated into a major manufacturer’s prototypes in the transportation sector.  This manufacturer is an important participant in the transportation of electrical power . The project was particularly interesting (especially from a quality standpoint) since the project necessitated the delivery of a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), a first for Gentec.

Team members in the picture below. From left to right: François Denis (Qual. Mgr.), Christian Duval (Project Eng.), Donald Pouliot (Draftsman), Daniel Auger (Production) Martine Plante (Technician), Annie Beaudry (Prod. Eng. Dpt.). Absent: Eric Haché (Account Mngr.), François Vaillancourt (Qual Tech.).


Manitoba Hydro selects Gentec ALP protective relay

May 31st 2016

The large harmonic filter banks used in HVDC applications used to be protected by a modeled filter constructed with low power analog circuitry. Up to now, life extension methods were limited to million-dollar investment and complete filter replacement. Gentec suggested an innovative and cost effective alternative, requiring minimal work. Gentec ALP relay allow the user to develop any type of automation and protection algorithm, enabling a world of possibilities, including customized protections. The cumbersome analog unbalance filter protection will be replaced with digital Simulink model running in a single ALP4000 protective relay. This is another great example that will be added to the long list of applications made possible using ALP relay.

See Gentec's ALP protection relays line of products.


Place Ville Marie : Gentec ‘Tower’s’ above the rest

May 27th 2016

One of the largest and most distinctive tower blocks in Montreal, Place Ville Marie is presently continuing an upgrade of its centralized lighting control system.  The Gentec K6 BACnet system intends to continue working with the Building Managers with the goal of upgrading the whole building with the K6 system.  The Gentec BACnet system was chosen for its superior control functionality and energy savings that it will bring to its clients.

See Gentec's BACnet IP & MSTP compatible products.


Agnico Eagle : 3 cheers for Gentec

May 16th 2016

Agnico Eagle Laronde is proceeding this summer to its third reactive power installation of 2 MegaVar in continuation of its optimization, increase productivity and energy savings process at its gold, silver and zinc mine in  Laronde, Quebec . Gentec has designed and manufactured the three capacitor banks for this long-term project.


Don’t forget to visit Gentec at Lightfair 2016 in San Diego: Come and visit us at Booth #4448

March 16th 2016

Gentec is excited to announce that two new product lines will be launched at the show.


Gentec’s occupancy sensors which will meet the needs for all commercial and institutional customers. The line will include a full series of ceiling sensors as well as wall switches and power packs. These sensors can be installed individually or as part of an complete lighting control system.


At the same time, Gentec will mark the occasion to launch its brand new 0-10V dimming system. Along with the KS digital switches Gentec is proud to present the only dual BACnet/LON dimming system that is available on the market. This will revolutionise thelighting control market and will allow the Kameleon® dimming system to be easily integrated with any compatible BACnet or LON Building Automation System. Features include Daylight Harvesting, Scene Recall as well as Local Dimming Control, we are certain that the new Gentec dimming system will meet all your project needs.



Reshoring with Gentec

March 10th 2016

In the last months Gentec is being part of this global trend.

Many of our customers who, after having tried offshore production, determined that the experiment has not been favorable when all the costs and risks are calculated.

These customers after having various supply chain problems abroad challenged us by opening a constructive dialogue providing us specific pricing objectives. We can confirm that these targets have been met and that they are very happy to do business with a company closer to home and who is dedicated to serve them.

For more information please contact Mrs. Lucie Angers at


Gentec hits a home run with the Houston Astros

February 23rd 2016

Gentec is proud to announce that the upgrade for the lighting control system at the Minutemaid stadium in Houston Texas, home of the Houston Astros will be supplied by Gentec. In collaboration with Schneider Electric, thirty one Kameleon® BACnet IP Lighting Control Panels will be installed before the debut of the 2016 season.

These panels will allow the Building Automation System (BAS) to control all the public area lights according to the needs of the management for all major events that will take place at the stadium.


We wish the Astros a great baseball season.


ALP Protective relay series continues to evolve

February 16th 2016

Gentec is pursuing the development of the ALP protective relay series and announces the availability of new features amongst which some are dedicated to the protection of transformers. The new software version includes detection of loss of voltage (voltage transformer fuse failure), overfluxing protection and directional elements. The configuration software ALP Config also benefits from this newest release with prominent upgrades.


For more information on our product, do not hesitate to contact us.


This week Gentec is part of the Distributech event

February 9th 2016

This week Gentec is part of the Distributech event, one of the largest T&D conference  in the World.

Visit us at booth 841D.


Dr. Maxime Dubois joins the Gentec team, taking a stand as a leader in the sector of electric transportation

February 3rd 2016

Gentec is proud to announce the nomination of Dr. Maxime Dubois to the post of Business Development and Innovation – Energy and Transportation. In the last 10 years, Dr. Dubois has taken part in most of the initiatives in the area of electric transportation in Canada. As a Professor at the department of electrical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke and Laval University, he has authored and co-authored more than 80 scientific communications or patents in the field of electrical engineering. Last October, he acted as Technical Program Chair of the international IEEE Vehicle Power Propulsion Conference. Dr. Dubois’ nomination in this key role of the organisation is part of Gentec’s strategy to become a leader in the Canadian electrification and transportation industry.


Gentec is a proud partner of the epiQ group

October 8th 2015

Gentec is a proud partner of the epiQ group, established to promote the expertise of the world-renowned electric industry in Quebec. The first major event will be DistribuTECH 2016. Join us!


Gentec has recently been selected for a major project

October 8th 2015

Gentec has recently been selected for a major project involving the design and construction of two 15 kV harmonic filters to be delivered in the fall. This important mining project is located in Ontario, Canada. These 2000 kvar metal-enclosed harmonic filter banks will help to significantly reduce the plant’s energy consumption and improve its power factor. They will also help to improve voltage quality by reducing the harmonics transmitted over the network.


Gentec launch the KS dataline switch

October 5th 2015

Gentec is proud to announce the launch of its new line of dataline switches . Compatible with the light control panel series K6 (BACnet/IP) and K8 (Lonworks), these switches can be connected end to end, thus reducing the amount of wiring to be installed and installation costs, and allowing for greater interoperability with the existing building management system. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our new products.