Mission, vision and values

Our mission

To serve innovation in the design and assembly of high quality electrical and electronic products.

Our vision

To be a socially involved humane company in its environment and contributing to the development of its partners.

Our values

At Gentec, we:

  • Prioritize quality.
  • Demonstrate integrity.
  • Are committed.
  • Encourage collaboration.


At Gentec our member’s take pride in all aspects of their work. Our employees are committed to customer satisfaction. Their knowledge and control of the manufacturing process guarantee quality in the finish product. Quality is our commitment to excellence and will never be compromise.

At Gentec, we believe in respecting ethical standards as well as in the transparency and the accountability of every member. Integrity helps create a positive corporate culture where consistency between words and actions helps create a climate of trust among employees and stakeholders.

Commitment at Gentec goes beyond daily work. Our team members are invested in the success of the company, ready to take initiatives and get involved to make it happen. They cultivate a strong sense of belonging, are loyal and are determined to the company's missions, visions, values, and objectives. They perform their tasks reliably and efficiently, look for ways to improve processes, and proactively contribute to the success of the company.

At Gentec, our team building approach permits us to excel in our tasks! We advocate sharing skills, effective communication, adaptability, constructive conflict resolution as well as mutual trust and respect. Our team members collaborate to develop ideas and find solutions that enable us to address everyday challenges and seize new opportunities.