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Wall switch dual technology occupancy sensor

The Gentec's occupancy sensor are designed to provide maximum energy savings in a format that will complement any decor. The single circuit passive infrared and ultrasonic (DT) switch installs quickly in a standard wall box without the necessity of providing a neutral connection (available on specific models).

Vacancy or occupancy mode is easily selected. As it uses dual technology (DT), this sensor is highly resistant to false ON events.

Light Level Sensor Mode: Each unit includes an adjustable light level sensor to hold-off artificial lighting when adequate natural light is present.

Walk-Through Mode: To maximize energy savings, the sensor detects when areas are briefly occupied as a result of a person walking through and turns OFF lighting based on a shorter time delay.

The single circuit DT Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor requires a direct line of sight to room occupants in PIR mode only.

Available models:

-GENWSD1277C: Wall switch sensor 120/277VAC, dual technology, no neutral

-GENWSD1277CN: Wall switch sensor 120/277VAC, dual technology, with neutral

-GENWSDD1277C: Wall switch sensor double pole 120/277VAC, dual technology, no neutral

-GENWSDD1277CN: Wall switch sensor double pole 120/277VAC, dual technology, with neutral

Manual and Auto-ON Modes
Occupancy and Vacancy Modes
Adjustable precise time delay via DIP switches 30 s to
30 min
PIR Sensitivity 60% to 100%
Ultrasonic Sensitivity 20% to 100%
Adjustable Light Level Setting (1 to 250 fc) (10.76 to
2690 lux)