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Lighting control panel - K6 Series (BACnet IP or MSTP) (0-10V Dimming)

K6 series low-voltage lighting control panels offer all the automation features and programmable control tools required for centralized lighting control applications and for 0-10v dimming. The cards are interoperable on Native BACnet/IP or MS/TP networks.

Each electrical box is:

  • Controlled with low voltage lighting control relay
  • 0-10v dimming lighting control now available
  • Strong and high-quality designed with a practical layout to make wiring and maintenance easier
  • Fitted with a detachable front door with key lock
  • Assembled so that the sides of the box are designed with punch-out holes for cable entry or EMT conduits
  • Composed of a galvanized mounting base, including a set of:
    • Mounting holes to accommodate groups of 20 A HID relays and their control cards
    • Low-voltage conduit for 24 VAC control wiring
    • Compartment for a/c wiring with a secure cover
    • Integrated-control transformer 

Characteristics – component performances 

  • 0-10v dimming lighting control now available (BACnet IP)
  • The astronomical clock is used for your lighting control time control functions
  • Automatically calculated sunset and sunrise
  • Automatic time zone adjustment according to region, Daylight Harvesting optimization
  • Can be programmed by the user directly from the KS600 console
  • Interoperable centralized control software for building automation controls using control algorithms and lighting management, such as:
    • Sweep ON/OFF
    • Priority or pre-programmed ON/OFF control
    • Time-ON Extension
    • Flick Warning
    • Movement Detector and Brightness Management
    • Security and Building Management Control
    • Dimming
    • Daylighting and Daylight Harvesting
    • Photocell
    • Multiple Astronomical Clocks

HID Lighting Control Relays

  • Lockable ON/OFF
  • Low voltage lighting control relay
  • 20 A HID 1 or 2 poles 120/277/347 VAC
  • Control with 2 polarized wires (standard)
  • 22 kA cct 277 VAC 150,000 operation cycles 

 Optional accessories

  • Multivoltage Separator
  • Flush Mount Door
  • Type 2 (subject to jet nozzle test) or 12, 3R and 4X unit
  • Customiozed Units (upon request)
    • Centralized Lighting Control Graphics Console
    • Web Server and IP Network Server
    • Touchscreen Visual Interface


Steel Box Painted Grey ASA61

8 to 16-relay panels

16-Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel

32-relay panels

14-Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel

Mounting Base

Pre-Drilled Removable Plate Made of Galvanized Steel

Protection Plates

Galvanized Cover and Plates

Electrical Characteristics

120/277/347 VAC Control Transformer

20 A HID AC 120/240/277/347/480 V Control Relays


Temperature from 0 to 50 °C (32 to 112 °F), 10 to 90 % Humidity (no condensation)

Certification and Construction Standards


ISO 9001:2008