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Lighting control panel - K4 Series

K4 Series low-voltage light control panels offer all the programmable control functions and tools required for light control applications. The cards that comprise them are easily programmed by the user.

Each panel is:

  • Designed with robust construction, with quality assembly and a practical light control layout.
  • Available in 8, 16, and 32 relay format for surface mounting.
  • Composed of a detachable front door with ability to lock with a key.
  • Assembled so that the sides of the box are designed with punch-out holes for cable entry or EMT conduits.
  • Assembled such that the back of the mounting, with a galvanized finish, is constructed with a complement of:
  • Mounting holes to receive groups of 20 A HID relays and their control cards
  • Low-voltage conduit for 24 VAC control wiring
  • Compartment for a/c wiring with a secure cover
  • Integrated-control transformer 

    • KC-411 astronomical clock and 8 + 8-circuit sequences for your building’s time control functions
    • Automatically calculated sunset and sunrise.
    • Automatic time zone adjustment according to region, Daylight Harvesting optimization
    • KC-401 16-circuit group controller (16-control relays)
    • Directly programmable by the user
    • Programming keyboard and individual or group relay control


 HID control relays

  • Lockable ON/OFF type
  • 20 A HID 1 or 2 pole 120/277/347 VAC
  • Order with 2 polarized wires (standard)
  • 22 kA cct 277 VAC 150,000 operation cycles 

 Optional accessories

  • Multivoltage Separator
  • Flush Mount Door


Steel Box Painted Grey ASA61

8 to 16-Relay Panels

16-Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel

32-Relay Panels

14-Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel

Mounting Base

Pre-Drilled Removable Plate Made of Galvanized Steel

Protection Plates

Galvanized Cover and Plates

Electrical Characteristics

120/277/347 VAC Control Transformer

20 A HID AC 120/240/277/347/480 V Control Relays


Temperature from 0 to 50 °C (32 to 112 °F), 10 to 90 % Humidity (no condensation)

Certification and Construction Standards


ISO 9001:2008