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The Gentec RVS is a ceiling mount solar powered, passive infrared, wireless vacancy sensor. Optimized for spaces with ceiling heights of 8 to 10 feet, the RVS provides automatic OFF control, meeting today’s strictest energy codes. The Resonate Vacancy Sensor combines a sleek, non-intrusive design with advanced power management circuitry to minimize solar harvesting requirements.

The RVS will operate as a self-powered vacancy sensor in low light conditions. The RCS is identical to the RVS with the addition of a battery to provide power for support of auto-on occupancy sensor applications. The Resonate Vacancy/Occupacy Sensors incorporate Gentec’s latest diagnostic and configuration features to ensure reliable communications and solar harvesting capability. The
RVS/RCS supports range confirmation* technology whereby simple button press and hold sequences result in LED indication of signal strength. Solar energy harvesting level indication under existing light levels is also provided on demand through LED indication. An efficient power supply design takes advantage of every foot-candle so the sensor will operate as a vacancy sensor with just the energy from artificial lights.

Gentec has incorporated a diagnostic walk-test feature that verifies motion detection plus sensitivity adjustment to prevent false motion triggers.

The sensor transmits occupancy or vacancy states detected via the on-board motion detector. In vacancy sensor applications with a manual switch, the RVS sensor automatically triggers lights-off after the room is vacant and an egress timer expires. For occupancy sensor applications with the battery installed, the RCS transmits immediately upon a new
occupied event allowing for full lights-on and lights-off automation.

The RVS/RCS Sensors are a key component in Gentec’s Smart Space solutions, delivering energy savings to classrooms, open office spaces and corridors.

*Note: Range Confirmation requires an “F series” Gentec controller (“F” series is exclusive to 902 MHz at this time).

  • Sleek low-profile design for architectural design acceptance
  • Solar powered wireless vacancy sensor (RVS) or battery powered occupancy sensor (RCS)
  • Innovative technology for radio range verification, plus energy harvesting evaluation ensures ideal placement of sensor (patent pending)
  • Reliable radio reception range of 24 m (80 ft), commercial office spaces (typical), up to 100 m (330 ft) line of sight
  • RVS operates with natural or artificial light sources
  • RVS operates in low light conditions, 65 lux (6 fc)
  • Sensitivity adjustment to prevent nuisance triggering
  • Walk test mode ensures motion range coverage
  • Ceiling mount with 360° angle of detection
  • Removable cover for easy mounting
  • Mounting- Integrated magnets for T-Bar Ceiling, Wire Strap. Provision for screw mount, double sided tape (not included)
  • Quick start-up operation:
              • RVS (no battery), 2 minutes at 65 lux (6 fc)
              • RCS (with battery), instantaneous

Listing and Compliance

  • CEC Title 24 compliant

Radio Frequency (902 MHz):

  • FCC Part 15.231 – Remote Control Transmitter
  • IC RSS-210

Hardware Specifications

RVS - Vacancy Sensor:

  • Power Supply: Integrated Solar Cells
  • Operational Light Level: 65 lux (6 fc)
  • Start-Up Period: < 2 minutes at 65 lux

RCS Occupancy Sensor:

  • Power Supply: CR1632 coin cell battery
  • Battery life expectancy: Shelf life as defined by the battery manufacturer or 5 years, whichever occurs first.


  • Radio Frequency: 902 MHz
  • Antenna: Integrated whip
  • Transmission Range: 24 m (80 ft), commercial office spaces (typical), up to 100 m (330 ft) line of sight
  • Telegram Transmission:
          • Vacancy – On heartbeat
          • Occupancy – Immediately upon motion detection or heartbeat
  • Telegram Heartbeat: 100 seconds min. – 1000 seconds max.
  • Inputs: Teach Button, Test Button

Mechanical Specifications

  • Detection Area:
          • A lens : 450 ft2 at 8 ft , 800 ft2 at 10 ft
          • B lens : 1,800 ft2 at 8 ft, 3,000 ft2 at 10 ft
  • Operating Temperature: –10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
  • Relative Humidity: 5 % to 92 % RH (non-condensing)
  • Weight: 68 g (2.4 oz)
  • Dimensions: 98.0 x 25.5 mm (3.86 x 1.00 in)
  • Mounting: Integrated magnets, wire bracket, screws (not supplied), double sided tape (not supplied)