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Medium/High Voltage

FT1000 Series

Detuned anti-resonant harmonic filter, M.V. (medium voltage) and H.V. (high voltage)

The FT1000 series anti-resonant harmonic filter provides a safe solution to correcting the power factor on networks with harmonic content. In addition to correcting the resonant-free power factor, the FT1000 can absorb up to 50% of the 5th harmonic’s current, depending on the network’s characteristics. This results in reduced voltage distortion overall, thereby improving the network’s general condition, should the voltage and current distortion cause problems beyond damaging the power factor correction capacitors.

Technical Characteristics:

Insulation Class

60, 95, 125 kV BIL

P.F. controller

N12 or NC12, 12 steps


Gray ASA61

“Kirk Key” Interlock

Construction Standards



200 to 20000 kVAR

Anti-resonant reactance

7% or 12.6%

(other frequencies are available on request)


2400 V, 4160 V, up to 25 kV


1, 12, 3R (4X on request)