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Ceiling mounted infrared (PIR), low voltage sensor

The GENCPS1000 ceiling-mounted Passive Infrared (PIR) low voltage Occupancy Sensor is ideal for making energy savings.

Using PIR technology, this device uses a direct line of sight to detect occupancy. Adhesive masking strips can be applied to the lens to manually limit the field of view. The PIR sensor is highly resistant to false ON events. When the room or area is no longer occupied, the sensor turns OFF lighting after a preset time delay.

The low profile sensor is ceiling-mounted for greatest sensitivity to motion in large areas with obstructions. With a 360-degree field of view and up to 1000 square feet of coverage area, the ceiling-mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor is ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, bathrooms, and office areas. 

These ceiling-mounted sensors also incorporate an integral light level sensor to prevent lighting from switching ON when sufficient ambient light is present, such as is commonly found in windowed areas. 

Installation and configuration is simple. The sensor readily mounts to drop ceilings and features front located adjustments for setting sensitivity and time delay. The sensor also features an isolated relay for use with building automation and HVAC systems.

PIR motion detection
Adjustable motion sensor sensitivity (45 to 100%)
Ambient light level control system
Adjustable light level control (0.5 to 250 fc (5.4 to
2691 lux))
Adjustable delay OFF time (15 sec. to 20 min.)
Turns the load ON manually if sensor has failed.
24VDC input
EMS function: Isolated relay