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The Cross Reference

Nokian is the original manufacturer of the capacitors sold by Westinghouse for decades. Gentec continues to carry the Nokian line in a new, improved version, featuring self-healing dry-film technology, added cooling capacities with our heat transfer package, and the extra protection of internal fuse design. If you currently have a Westinghouse capacitor, then the Nokian capacitor is 100% electrically compatible with your existing system. Because it has a profile similar to that of the original, it offers equivalent electrical properties of previous Westinghouse designs. On our Web site, you can find exact model equivalents and additional specs. Check out our other products while you are here. Whatever your need, Gentec has a capacitor for you!



from 1960 to 1984

Voltage Class

240, 480, 600, 2400, 4160 volts